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Dear customers,


We are based on trust and technology since its founding in 1998 It has been committed to be the best in the industry for manufacturing robots.

We have been leading the domestic display, mobile and automotive industry for over 18 years.

SOL-TECH' as its brand is pursuing a unique technology, it aims to satisfy customers with differentiated technology and proactive service based on the technology and know-how accumulated 18 years in the robot industry.

We appreciate your support of our company and will continue to do our best as your reliable partner.


Thank you.


CEO.  Dong Hyung Chang 




SOL-TECH can trust.

In the domestic market that was high dependence on imports in 1998, we supply the differentiated product through continuous research and development for localization.


Sol-tech has recognized as compact design and high durability, and has recognized the technology in the world from the exports of Singapore in 2006 to exports of Japan in 2012, It has established itself as a global brand.


Sol-tech provides affordable solutions such as grown up frame, prevented sagging through the FEM analysis and designed to easily structure of maintenance through their own know-how.


In addition, reasonable and competitive products supply by reducing the cost through the mass production.

~ 2015

2015. 06  Export business conducted [China]

2015. 01  Company building construction and relocation

2014. 01  Processing enterprise department launched

2013. 01  Export business conducted [Japan] 

2012. 05  INNO-BIZ checked

~ 2010

2009. 10  CE certification acquired

2009. 06  Management Innovation SME selected [Small Business Administration]

2009. 01  Supported company for new technology development selected  [Korea Technology Association]

2007. 06  CNC glass cutting machine developed and came into the market

2006. 10  Research institute affiliated with company established

2006. 07  SME Technology Innovation Development business operator selected

~ 2005

2005. 01  Utility model acquired

2003. 01  Actuator patent Acquired for clean rooms

2002. 07  The ISO 9001 acquired

~ 2000

1999. 04  Cartesian robot developed and came into the market

1998. 10  Co. O-BEYONG established 

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